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Lifeofthecity is the brainchild of two “industry” individuals bent on getting the scoop first and sharing it with you!  We know that you love to party, eat, drink and be on the up and up.  For promoters, we will provide coverage for your events and showcase your supporters.  We will also provide you with the best of New York City from all things new and the recently uncovered as well as soon to be launched establishment.  Whether it’s a night club, restaurant, spa or schmoozing spot – “we got you covered!”

We will become your “NYC Socialite and Elite black book”.  Many times you hear of a really chic or laid back place from someone, a must have drink for whatever reason or some kind of fashion statement that’s inspiring and you want to share it – “we got you covered!”

Lifeofthecity.com will provide you with the latest need-to-know information. Subscribe to lifeofthecity.com and you’ll get the scoop every week of definitely hip and random things going on in the city in our “in-the-know” newsletter delivered as capsule news items. You’ll also have a chance to post your own reviews!

Armed with your online NYC Socialite and Elite black book” no one can stop you. “We got you covered!”

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New Years Eve

DJ BATTLE november semi-finals

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DJ BATTLE 2018 november semi-finals are on the beach now