Best Wings in Brooklyn Competition

Best Wings in Brooklyn Competition

“The Best Wings In Brooklyn Competition” is an annual event where restaurants, bars, and
other vendors throughout the borough of Brooklyn showcase their wings before a panel
of judges – and hundreds of Brooklynites – in a quest for the coveted title of
“The Best Wings In Brooklyn”!

This yearly competition brings people from all corners of Brooklyn together to feast on, vote on,
and just out-and-out celebrate one of man’s greatest creations – WINGS!!!

Wings, wings, and more wings!!!
How do YOU like ’em???

“THE BEST WINGS IN BROOKLYN COMPETITION” was originated at, and is hosted by, Red Star, located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. While some may attempt to imitate or duplicate, rest assured there is only one true “Best Wings In Brooklyn Competition,” and it’s right here, each and every February

If you’re a purveyor of wings or if you’re a wing aficionado…  this is your Super Bowl, folks!!!

  • DATE:  February 25, 2012
  • TIME:  2:00pm – 5:00pm
  • PRICE:  Free!
  • VENUE:  Red Star Bar & Grill
  • ADDRESS:  37 Greenpoint Avenue b/w Franklin/West St) Brooklyn, NY 11222
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