Who We Are:
CupQuakes is a recently opened small cupcakery (cupcake bakery) operating in the heart of Brooklyn.
CupQuakes only bakes cupcakes. No muffins, no cookies, no large cakes. We do not want to spread
ourselves too thin, therefore our only focus in on cupcakes so that our customers can get the most
delicious, moist & flavorful dessert as possible.

What We Offer:
Apart from being truly delicious, CupQuakes are all made from scratch using real butter, cake flour,
vanilla bean, fresh eggs & buttermilk. They are individually hand decorated in a rustic fashion to create
a quite unique but truly enjoyable treat

There is always a reason to celebrate. Our goodies are the perfect confections to have at birthday parties,
anniversaries, housewarming parties, baby showers, cocktail parties, a gift for a friend or just because you
deserve to treat yourself to something GOOD for no special reason.

We currently offer 16 flavors & our menu continues to grow. Currently we offer cupcakes in 4 categories:
healthy, classic, speciality & alcohol infused. We have a decadent red velvet cupcake, cookies N cream &
classic chocolate among many other flavors. Check out our website for the full menu.

Additional Information
CupQuakes are ALWAYS made on the day of pickup/delivery. They are all baked in small batches of a dozen
at a time & delightfully decorated with our home made frosting & festive sprinkles. CupQuakes is traditional
home-baking at its best.

CupQuakes are available only for pick up or delivery. Delivery charges apply depending on your area.
We are only available to deliver orders of 3 dozen or more to Brooklyn, Queens or Manhattan.

How To Reach Us:
Telephone: 646-715-2954
Twitter: @iLoveCupQuakes

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