The Irish Pub

The Irish Pub

The Irish Pub 
839 7th Avenue btw 53rd and 54th Streets
Tel. 212.66.9364

Recently, I met up with a girlfriend of mine who travel often. She happened to be in NYC while I was in NYC but I had already had dinner earlier so we decided to go for a quick drink. We went around the corner from the Hilton, where she was staying, into the Old English Pub. It had two patrons in the entire bar. We didn’t mind that but when I asked for any drink that consisted of Godiva Chocolate liqueur, they had none but the bartender was kind to recommend “The Irish Pub” their sister bar which was half block up @ 54th Street & 7th Avenue (corner)

At the Irish Pub, there were lots more patrons, music was playing and there was a nice vibe going as we walked in. We sat at the bar & I ordered a “Death by Chocolate” martini after reading their cocktail menu (where all the drinks were $10 each). This was ok in my opinion, nothing to go ahhhhhh about and certainly not “chocolatey” enough. After-all, it’s called “Death by Chocolate” but who knows, maybe I expected too much. My friend had a shot of Hennesy and ginger ale on the side.

Our waiter was very friendly and accommodating. Taking time to explain what was in my drink even though it was clearly written on the menu. I appreciated this one on one interaction. He also made conversation about where we were from etc. I thought this was cool.

After the first drink, I was feeling a bit peckish so I ordered some wings & a house salad. They were decent. I was surprised that it was a 12 wing portion for about 8 bucks. I expected 8-10 wings, so I was happy for the additional quantities.¬†During the course of my snack I ordered an “Irish Pub milkshake” which consisted of baileys, kahlua and milk. It was divine!! Very delicious!!!!! I sipped this while watching a drunk girl danced for her boyfriend’s (and unknowing to her, MY entertainment)

Overall the experience was good. The staff is friendly and the prices were reasonable for Midtown Manhattan. I would definitely return when I’m in the neighborhood & have another “Irish Pub milkshake” again for sure!!!

– Simply Tia

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