Ginger+Liz 2011 Spring Colours

Ginger+Liz 2011 Spring Colours

Ginger + Liz : The Hottest Color Collection in Town

Ginger + Liz Colour Collection is the new buzzworthy brand of vegan-friendly and toxin-free nail lacquer
with a growing legion of fashionista and celebrity fans alike.
The company was created by model/author S. Liz Pickett and entrepreneur H. Ginger Johnson. Ginger and Liz have a decade of individually unique experiences in the fashion, beauty, and marketing industries that coupled with their insatiable love for fashion and beauty led to the development of the Ginger + Liz Colour Collection.

Ginger + Liz provide small ticket luxury cosmetic products to increasingly discerning beauty buffs that are predominately influenced by fashion, arts, travel, and entertainment. The G+L lover spans the trends and ages. She represents the Classic Luxe and Casual Chic, the Rock Glam and Bohemian, the Girly and the Pretty Prepster. Her nail lacquer often represents her lifestyle and personality and she is pleased to let her nails do the talking for her. From chic to street, prep school to public school, office to parties…
Ginger + Liz have your nails covered!

Recently, Ginger + Liz announced that they will be releasing two new colors: I’m So Over Him and Prima Donna. “Prima Donna” is inspired by the feminine yet edgy looks from New York Fashion Week’s Spring 2011 runway shows. A sister color to “Swagger”, “Prima Donna” is a crisp pink metallic with lavender undertones that is a perfect marriage of classy and sassy. “I’m So Over Him”, another product in their Spring 2011 collection, is a rich violet crème that makes the transition from winter darks to spring brights an easy one. This shade is perfect for the fashionable Classic Luxe, Bohemian Babe, Rock Glam, and Casual Chic looks.

“Prima Donna” and “I’m So Over Him” will be available for pre-sale on starting February 14, 2011 and at select retail outlets starting February 21, 2011.

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