Telephone: 212-354-8844
Location: 44 West 45th Street, New York, NY 10036

I ended up at Gaby because my plans for the night fell through and I was starving! I didn’t feel like trying some place new so I decided I’d just settle for my favorite restaurant; Gaby. I have been to Gaby easily 30 times in the last 2 years. I kid you not. When I first discovered it I was going there sometimes twice a month. There was a vibe there that made me feel at ease that I kept returning, and returning and returning.

Gaby is a high end French restaurant & is within the Sofitel hotel in Midtown. It’s relaxing and very spacious with mellow mood music almost always playing in the background. The food is authentically French with some American fusion. The staff is very helpful & very polite. They are always checking to make sure you’re fine & that you have everything that you need to make your dining experience there pleasant.

My last visit there was at dinnertime. They started off my meal with an assortment of french bread/rolls with butter & olive tapenade. I love their tapenade; salty & full of herbal flavor!! I had the Spring lobster salad for my appetizer ($19). The first bite was heavenly but so was every bite that followed. I ate it all up. I followed this by having Roasted Organic Chicken breast with potato-carrot mash & haricot vert bundle (beans) ($27) The chicken was juicy & tender. In fact this is my favorite dish when I frequent Gaby. I absolutely love my sweets so for dessert I had the “choice of three french desserts” ($12). I had a mini créme brûlèe, a mini fruit tart and a mini creme caramel. All simply divine & delicious!

Gaby is a perfect place for a business lunch or dinner or even an intimate date. Their service is exceptional. The food is always fresh & outstanding. I must admit it’s on the pricey end but it’s totally worth it. Gaby has earned every accolade given to it! Years to come, I’ll still be going back. Maybe Gaby mightn’t turn out to be one of your favorites but it’s definitely worth a try.

– Simply Tia

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