Aretsky’s Patroon

Aretsky’s Patroon

Aretsky’s Patroon
160 East 46th Street
New York, NY 10017
(212) 883-7373

My friend & I had spent the night hanging out & early morning together. Around noon, we needed to have something for lunch & believe it or not we decided on Patroon because in the search on for pricy restaurants “Aretsky’s Patroon” came up. We decided that we were going to try it to see if it was worth the type of dollars we saw on the menu. Call it being adventurous or call it nuts, we were on a mission.

From the moment we walked into Patroon up till the moment we left, we honestly felt we were teleported into a whole new world. Now this isn’t to say we aren’t used to fine things but there was nothing but business people in the restaurant & in all honesty, we were the only African-American people there. Is your imagination starting to work yet?

There was a coat check before we entered the dining area. The hostesses were very cordial & we were seated promptly. Our server was pleasant, knowledgeable and quick to respond to our calls .

We ordered two grilled shrimp cocktail ($19 each) & a jumbo lump crab cake ($18). Absolutely divine. I ordered a split roasted breast of chicken that was accompanied with shoestring potatoes ($25) & my friend had the 7oz prime dry aged sirloin steak with shoestring potatoes ($31) We both enjoyed our entrees. I’m a dessert person, she isn’t so I ordered the crème brûlée tasting (which came with a mini vanilla crème brûlée a chocolate crème brûlée and a coffee crème brûlée). This was the highlight of my visit. I have had crème brulée all over the place because it’s my favorite dessert. I just want to say how EXCELLENT the crème brûlée was! It was like heaven in my mouth. C’est si bon!!!

The service & decor were very nice at Patroon: The space is very attractive with warm lighting. The prices in respect to the portions aren’t really worth it but the taste of the food and the courtesy of the staff makes up for the discrepancy.

I would save Patroon as a place to take a date who I want to impress or show off my fine taste in dining. It would also work well for a special occasion. I think I’d treat myself to dinner or lunch there to celebrate my 20th day of 2011. There’s nothing special about that day but I’m looking for any reason to return to Patroon soon. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience there!!

– Simply Tia

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