The Habana Room

The Habana Room

The Habana Room
Cuban Cuisine
134 E 48th St, New York 10017 | Between Lexington & 3rd Aves
Hours Of Operation: Mon-Fri: 7am-12am | Sat-Sun 5pm-12am (Breakfast Lunch Dinner)

I’ve gone to the Habana Room about 5 times since about 2008. I went there this time because I was really craving some Cuban food & it was in my general vicinity at that time. Memories of my last visits there came floating to mind; Excellent food but so-so customer service. This economy isn’t very flourishing right now, but regardless, wherever I spend my money, I would like to be treated properly, so that was my only concern when I walked in.

Luckily for me, I saw all new faces so my spirits lifted hoping I would be treated well this time around. I have to admit, this staff is very friendly. I felt like they were a little toooo friendly. I must have had three servers dealing with me @ one time. For a moment I felt like a celebrity!

I ordered two appetizers to get the ball rolling because I was starving! I had crab cakes with mango ginger salsa & a spicy mayonnaise [$13] & some vegetable empanads [$6]. I’m still waiting for the taste of crab in those crab cakes, meaning it was absent but I’ll admit that the empanadas were good.

For my entree, I ordered Jumbo shrimp with a fire roasted sofrito sauce that was served with white rice, fried sweet plantains and black beans [$20]. This, I thoroughly enjoyed! Perfectly seasoned & the portion was generous!

At this point, I was stuffed but because I’m a trooper & I’m a huge dessert fan, I had to go on. To me, a meal isn’t complete without something sweet after it all. I ordered what one of my three servers recommended; a dessert called “Domino” which was basically a chocolate sponge cake layered with a fruit cream filling. It wasn’t anything to jump up & down about but it satisfied my sweet tooth.

Overall, the highlight of my visit to the Habana Room was how they treated me. I felt like royalty, no lie. It seems to be a popular spot because it’s a part of a hotel so they attract customers from there & also outside. One woman walked off the street, looked around, then made a reservation for 12.

The ambience there is very warm, festive & cozy.the staff is very polite & accommodating. The lightning & the decor is delightful! The food is a bit pricey so I would save this spot for a nice date or to celebrate an occasion. The portions are reasonable & will definitely satisy. 6 times in 2 years? Of course, I’ll be going back! The Habana Room gets my vote!

– Simply Tia

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