Cassandra Graham’s Jewelry

Cassandra Graham’s Jewelry

Cassandra Graham’s Jewelry

A little secret in fashion is designer Cassie Graham. Ever since she turned what started out as a hobby into a small business, this jewelry designer has been wowing us with her chic handmade pieces. Born and raised in St.Vincent her interest in jewelry design came after she was gifted a necklace someone brought her from India. People would ask her, “Where can I get that necklace?” So she decided to get into the jewelry business, now designing wearable works of art.

Initially she incorporated the skills of a professional jeweler to build her designs and make her vision a reality however she didn’t feel that was true to her vision as a designer and wanted her pieces to have more of her personal touch. “A designer must have some hands-on experience in producing their work.” Just putting her name to something wasn’t enough for her it was important that her pieces were a reflection of her and something that she herself would wear. Now she designs all her pieces herself, using handmade materials such as ribbons, ropes, beads, chains among other materials.

The line represents quality, it’s affordable, unique and fun. People like it because it is different~women like to feel special and you do feel that way in Cassie’s designs. Her pieces are very versatile. Cassie’s approach to design is as unique as the pieces themselves.

Cassie’s jewelry is currently for sale online at however she does most of her business through direct sales. Her pieces are also featured on Facebook- Cassie Graham fashion jewelry, where you can contact her directly.
Or find her on Twitter~

Custom requests are welcome, pieces can be made to specification. She does ship overseas and accepts various forms of payment. She not only caters to U.S clients. Cassie has clients in Canada, London and now her pieces can be found at Kimmystic.Clo in St.Vincent .

As a designer she believes that most importantly she has found her passion, “in life, if you can discover your niche, something that you truly enjoy doing. success will inevitably follow.”

– Simply Tia

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