Butterfly Studio

Butterfly Studio

Butterfly Studio
149 5th Ave # 2
New York, NY 10010-6801
(212) 253-2100

Pamper your man at the Butterfly Studio in the City
Located on 149th 5th ave, Celebrity Hair Salon Butterfly Studio is my cup of tea. Not only do they cater to women, But Men as well.  As the Men enter the studio the pampering begun. They just launched a New Product just for the Men. Every guy that attended this event was either under the washer getting their head massaged by a beautiful Hair stylist, or under the dryer getting that fresh I want to date him look. The Butterfly Studio has plenty to offer from fab hair cuts to sexy manicure.  They also had the cuttest mini cupcakes to munch on. You know they were good when a lady was carrying them by a handful and stuffing them in her purse. ohhhhhh yes, I couldn’t forget the open bar of tequila. Over all this event was the place to be. To set up an appointment please contact Adlin Palencia at 212.253.2100 or adlin@butterflystudiosalon.com

Butterfly Basic Hair Services
Haircut: $100
Mens Haircut:$80, $100,  $125
Katta Solano Haircut: $300

for other services visit: wwwbutterflystudiosalon.com


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